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Geo social city is an application information about your city that shows you all the information with their relative geographic location.
Of each city we can have exciting information, historical or tourist applications by famous as wikipedia or google map.
You can see what is being twittered around you with the map of the tweet.
You can know the name of the street where you are.
You can still have public transport information in real time.
We are working hard to add more and more information on all cities.
The app, in this version, will give you this information
1) Public transport in real time (check whether your city is served by our service)
2) Geo information from wikipedia.
3) Names and locations with google map
4) the map of the tweets in your city
5) the events on facebook on which you have given to your participation
6) the most important events of your city (for now only on the cities of Basilicata - IT

Stay connected. Each month will have new data that you can view on our app.

Administrator has not posted any blogposts yet.

Realtà aumentata e mappe georeferenziate

Sfrutta tutte le potenzialità della Realtà aumentata per leggere la tua città oltre quello che puoi immaginare

tutte le infomazioni aumentano!!! In tre dimensioni è più semplice leggere quello che ti circonda

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